Man pages for nateaff/legolda
Color Topic Models of the Lego Dat Set

connectConnect to a DB
create_tablesLoad Derived Lego Datasets to Environment
generate_topic_paletteGenerate a Color from a Topic
get_lda_clustersCluster LDA Models
get_topic_namesCreate Topic Names Based on an LDA Model
get_topic_numbersRetrieve Topic Numbers
kfoldCreate K-fold Train and Test Sets
load_dataRetrieve and Munge Lego Datasets
pal21A Color Palette from the Lego Dataset
plot_lda_scoresPlot Scores Generated by 'score_models' Function
score_kmeansScore a Kmeans Clustering Based on TF-IDF scores
score_ldaScore LDA Clusters
score_modelsScore Models Using Scores from 'ldatuning' Package
str_collapseCollapse String List
theme_barBar Plot Theme
theme_dark_barDark Bar Plot Theme
theme_scatterScatter Plot Theme
theme_waffWaffle Plot Theme
topic_palette#' @export
top_termsCompute the Top Terms of an LDA Model
waffA wrapper of the waffle function
waffle2Make waffle (square pie) charts
weightCompute Weighted Sum of Vectors
write_palette_functionGenerate a Pallete Function from a Color Vector
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