Man pages for nathanesau/coord
Sample Coordination in R

CalculateCumulativeBurdenCalculate the cumulative burden
CompareBurdensCompare cumulative burdens
CreateSurveyFrameCreate a survey data frame
GetSurveySequenceGets the current survey sequence
RunSimulationRun a sampling simulation
RunSurveyRun a survey with sample coordination
SampleDatabase1[DATA] Sample Database 1
SampleDatabase2[DATA] Sample Database 2
SampleDesign1[DATA] Sample Design 1
SampleDesign2[DATA] Sample Design 2
SampleFrame1[DATA] Sample Frame 1
SampleFrame2[DATA] Sample Frame 2
SurveyDataSurvey data environment
SurveyData.AssignAssign to SurveyData environment
SurveyData.GetGet from SurveyData environment
UpdateSurveyListsUpdate the survey lists
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