Man pages for nawendt/rGRIB
Read GRIB Files

grib_closeClose GRIB files
grib_cubeCreate 3D volume of a GRIB variable
grib_expand_gridsExpand GRIB message value grids
grib_get_messageGet GRIB messages
grib_latlonsExtract projected latitudes and longitudes
grib_lengthGet number of GRIB messages
grib_listList contents of GRIB file
grib_openOpen GRIB files
grib_proj4strGet PROJ4 string for a GRIB file
gribrgribr: GRIB interface for R using the ECMWF GRIB API
grib_selectSelect multiple GRIB messages
has.keyTest for keys
is.gribGRIB Messages
is.grib.messageGRIB Messages
print.gribPrint GRIB Details
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