Man pages for nbenn/infx
OpenBIS API Access to the InfectX Data Repository

dataset_codeExtract dataset code
exp_id_strExtract experiment string
feat_ds_well_refCreate well feature dataset reference objects
infxAPI access to the InfectX data repository
json_baseBase generics for JSON objects
json_classCreate and validate JSON class objects
json_internalHelper function for printing JSON objects
json_utilsJSON class utilities
json_vecConstruct and validate JSON object vectors
list_datasetsList datasets and dataset reference objects
list_experimentsList experiments
list_fetch_featuresList and download feature data
list_fetch_filesList and download files
list_fetch_imagesList image meta data and download images
list_img_refList image references
list_materialList materials
list_plate_wellList plates and wells
list_projectsList projects
list_samplesList samples and sample types
list_urlsList data store servers and urls
loginCreate and destroy a login token
openbis_urlsOpenBIS urls
requestConstruct and issue JSON-RPC requests
search_openbisAssemble and execute openBIS search queries
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