Man pages for nbenn/sqlr
Build SQL queries for creating/altering tables

airlinesAirline names.
airportsAirport metadata
col_chrGenerate SQL for a string data type definition
col_dblGenerate SQL for floating point data type definition
col_dtmGenerate SQL for a date/time data type definition
col_fctGenerate SQL for a factor data type definition
col_idGenerate SQL for an id column
col_intGenerate SQL for an integer data type definition
col_lglGenerate SQL for a boolean data type definition
col_rawGenerate SQL for a binary data type definition
col_specGenerate SQL for a column definition
configConfig environment
connect_dbConnect to a database
connect_mysqlConnect to a MySQL database
create_db_tblGenerate a database table
drop_db_tblDelete database table(s)
fk_specGenerate SQL for reference definition
flightsFlights data
ft_key_specGenerate SQL for fulltext key definition
get_col_specGenerate column definition SQL from an R object
get_conGet the database connection
is_vecTest if an object is a vector
key_specGenerate SQL for (secondary) key definition
load_configLoad yml configuration file
parse_col_specParse SQL column definitions
parse_data_typeParse SQL data type definitions
pk_specGenerate SQL for primary key definition
planesPlane metadata.
rm_conDestroy the database connection
set_conSet the database connection
show_db_colsShow columns of db table(s)
spat_key_specGenerate SQL for spatial key definition
tbl_specGenerate SQL for a table definition
uk_specGenerate SQL for unique key definition
unquote_identUnquote identifiers
unquote_strUnquote strings
weatherHourly weather data
write_db_tblAdd a data.frame to database
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