Man pages for ncarchedi/swirl_OLD
Statistics with Interactive R Learning

chooseCourseChoose course to begin
email2usernameGets username from email address
findTroubleTagsFind trouble tags
findUserLocationFind current course, module, and row
getUserFileNamesGets user file names
isYesDetermines whether yes or no
lastNewFigRowFinds row of last "new" figure
openingMenuDisplays opening menu options
praisePrints praise message
progressMarkersPrints progress markers
promptUpdatePrompts user to update
recordIsCorrectRecords whether correct answer
recordStringRecords (appends) a string to designated text file
runModuleRuns module
saveModuleSaves module to package
storeUserInfoStores user info
swirlRuns the swirl program
tryAgainPrints encouragement and hint
update_swirlUpdates swirl package
userInputGets user input
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