Man pages for ncchung/jaccard
Testing similarity between binary datasets using Jaccard/Tanimoto coefficients

jaccardCompute a Jaccard/Tanimoto similarity coefficient
jaccard.evCompute an expected Jaccard/Tanimoto similarity coefficient...
jaccard.rahmanCompute p-value using the EC-BLAST method
jaccard.testTest for Jaccard/Tanimoto similarity coefficients
jaccard.test.asymptoticCompute p-value using an asymptotic approximation
jaccard.test.bootstrapCompute p-value using the bootstrap procedure
jaccard.test.exactCompute p-value using the exact solution
jaccard.test.mcaCompute p-value using the Measure Concentration Algorithm
jaccard.test.pairwisePair-wise tests for Jaccard/Tanimoto similarity coefficients
runJaccardAppLaunch an interactive Shiny app on a local network
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