Man pages for ncchung/jackstraw
Statistical Inference using Latent Variables

devdiffDifference in Deviances
devdiff_parallelDifference in Deviances, in Parallel
dev.RCompute Deviance for Logistic Factors
efron_RsqEfron's Pseudo R-sqaured
jackstrawjackstraw: Statistical Inference using Latent Variables
jackstraw_clusterJackstraw for the User-Defined Clustering Algorithm
jackstraw_kmeansNon-Parametric Jackstraw for K-means Clustering
jackstraw_lfaNon-Parametric Jackstraw for Logistic Factor Analysis
jackstraw_pcaNon-Parametric Jackstraw for Principal Component Analysis...
jackstraw_subspaceJackstraw for the User-Defined Dimension Reduction Methods
lfa.corpcorLogistic Factor Analysis without C++ Dependency
permutationPAPermutation Parallel Analysis
pipCompute posterior inclusion probabilities (PIPs)
pseudo_RsqMcfadden's Pseudo R-sqaured
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