Reports are a handy way to summarize large volumes of data, particularly with figures and tables. soilReports is an R package "container" designed to accommodate the maintenance, documentation, and distribution of R-based reporting tools. Inside the package are report templates, setup files, documentation, and example configuration files.

The soilReports package provides a couple important helper functions that do most of the work:

Each report contains several files:

R Profile Setup

On many of our machines, the $HOME directory points to a network share. This can cause all kinds of problems when installing R packages, especially if you connect to the network by VPN. The following code is a one-time solution and will cause R packages to be installed on a local disk by adding an .Rprofile file to your $HOME directory. This file will instruct R to use C:/Users/FirstName.LastName/Documents/R/ for installing R packages. Again, you only have to do this once.

# determine your current $HOME directory

# install .Rprofile

soilReports Installation - First time or after R upgrade

Run this code if you don't yet have the soilReports package or after a new version of R has been installed on your machine.

# need devtools to install packages from GitHub
install.packages('devtools', dep=TRUE)

# get the latest version of the 'soilReports' package
remotes::install_github("ncss-tech/soilReports", dependencies=FALSE, upgrade_dependencies=FALSE) 

Choose an Available Report

Example Output

Run a Report - Example: Map Unit Comparison report

# load this library

# list reports in the package

# install required packages for a named report

# copy report file 'MU-comparison' to your current working directory
reportInit(reportName='region2/mu-comparison', outputDir='MU-comparison')

Updating Existing Reports - Example: Map Unit Comparison report

Updates to report templates, documentation, and custom functions are available after installing the latest soilReports package from GitHub. Use the following examples to update an existing copy of the "region2/mu-comparison" report. Note that your existing configuration files will not be modified.

# get latest version of package + report templates
remotes::install_github("ncss-tech/soilReports", dependencies=FALSE, upgrade_dependencies=FALSE)

# load this library

# get any new packages that may be required by the latest version

# overwrite report files in an existing report instance (does NOT overwrite config)
reportUpdate(reportName='region2/mu-comparison', outputDir='MU-comparison')

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See issue tracker for TODO items.

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