weight.conversion: Weight Conversion

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This function may either binarize an input weighted connection matrix, normalize an input weighted connection matrix or convert an input weighted connection matrix to a weighted connection-length matrix.


weight.conversion(W, wcm, copy = F)



: an R Matrix - Weighted Connectivity Matrix


: a string - Weight Conversion Command


Binarization converts all present connection weights to 1.

Normalization scales all weight magnitudes to the range [0,1] and should be done prior to computing some weighted measures, such as the weighted clustering coefficient.

Conversion of connection weights to connection lengths is needed prior to computation of weighted distance-based measures, such as distance and betweenness centrality. In a weighted connection network, higher weights are naturally interpreted as shorter lengths. The connection-lengths matrix here is defined as the inverse of the connection-weights matrix.

Options for 'wcm' param: 'binarize' : binarize weights 'normalize' : normalize weights 'lengths' : convert weights to lengths (invert matrix)


W : an R Matrix - Connectivity Matrix with specified changes

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