api.key.install: Installs an API key from the US Census to use with calls to...

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The acs.fetch function requires an "API key" to use when downloading data from the US Census API. Rather than pass this rather long string to the function each time, users can save the key as part of the package installation, using the api.key.install function. Once installed, an api key is saved on the system and available for use in future sessions. (To replace a key, simply call the function again with the new key.)





The API key provided to the user upon registering with the US Census Developer's page. A string.


The requirement for a key seems to be laxly enforced by the Census API, but is nonetheless coded into the acs package. Users without a key may find success by simply installing a blank key (i.e., key="") via api.key.install(key=""); similarly, calls to acs.fetch and geo.make(..., check=TRUE) may success with a key="" argument. Note that while this may work today, it may fail in the future if the API decides to start enforcing the requirement.


Saves the key and exits silently, unless an error is encountered.


Ezra Haber Glenn [email protected]


To request an API key, see http://www.census.gov/developers/

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