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Make analysis simpler

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crimeTable: FBI crime data
employment_population_ratioTable: Employment Population Ratio
FreqFrequency table of all columns
geom_chullCreate a polygon plot with boundaries
geom_pointedlineCreates a pointed lined on ggplot
GetXMLNodesGets all XML node text
grapes-equals-grapesCompares two datasets
incomeTable: Income Dataset
LifeExpectancyTable: Life Expectancy
ReconCompare two dataframe to show differences highlighted
StatShows a quick summary of a data frame
StringToDateConverts an date string to a date
text_cuckooAdd text in the plot
theme_cuckooApplies the ggplots theme "cuckoo"
unemployment_rateTable: Unemployment Rate
wxlsCreates an Excel Spreadsheet
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