Man pages for nenaoana/SetMethods
Functions for Set-Theoretic Multi-Method Research and Advanced QCA

ambig.casesFunction for identifying cases with 0.5 fuzzy-set values.
BCMVBerg-Schlosser and Cronqvist (2005) individually irrelevant cases.
cases.suf.dcnList cases deviant with regards to consistency for...
cases.suf.dcvList cases deviant with regards to coverage for sufficiency.
cases.suf.iirList individually irrelevant cases for sufficiency.
cases.suf.typList cases typical with regards to sufficiency.
cases.suf.typ.fctList cases typical with regards to sufficiency for each focal...
cases.suf.typ.mostLists most typical cases with regards to sufficiency.
cases.suf.typ.uniqueLists uniquely typical cases with regards to sufficiency.
cases.theory.evaluationNames of cases in the intersections between theory and the...
clusterDiagnostic tool for clustered data
cluster.diagnosticsDiagnostic tool for clustered data.
cluster.eqmccDiagnostic tool for clustered data
cluster.minimizeDiagnostic tool for clustered data
CronBergBerg-Schlosser and Cronqvist (2005)
CUSFSThomann (2015)
DTmvFake data for mvQCA
emmeEmmenegger (2011)
EMMFEMMFnegger (2011)
esaFunction that performs the Enhanced Standard Analysis.
FakeCSFake crisp-set data
FakeMVFake data for mvQCA
FRSCFreitag and Schlicht (2009)
FSRFreitag and Schlicht (2009)
indirectCalibrationFunction performing the indirect calibration
intersectExpIntersects two boolean expressions.
KAKoenig-Archibugi (2004)
KAFKoenig-Archibugi (2004)
LIPCLipset (1959), crisp-set
LIPFLipset (1959), fuzzy-set
LIPRLipset (1959), raw data
LipsetCSLipset (1959), crisp-set
LipsetFSLipset (1959), fuzzy-set
LipsetRawLipset (1959), raw data
LR.intersectFunction for identifying contradictory simplifying...
matches.suf.dcviirMatch deviant coverage cases and individually irrelevant...
matches.suf.typdcnMatch typical cases and deviant consistency cases with...
matches.suf.typiirMatch typical cases and individually irrelevant cases for...
matches.suf.typtypMatch typical cases for each conjunct in a sufficient term..
mmrFunction for performing set-theoretic multi-method research.
negateExpNegates a boolean expression.
PENFPennings (2003)
PenningsPennings (2003)
pimdataFunction to extract prime implicants table from object of...
pimplotPrime implicants, truth table rows, and necessity plots.
print.casestheoryevalPrint a casestheoryeval Object
print.clusterdiagnosticsPrint a clusterdiagnostics Object
print.clustereqmccPrint a clustereqmcc Object
print.clusterminimizePrint a clusterminimize Object
print.matchessufPrint a matchessuf Object
print.theoryevalPrint a theoryeval Object
property.cubeFunction producing a 3D scatter plot.
QCAfitFunction calculating the parameters of fit
QCAradarFunction for displaying a radar chart.
SAMFSamford (2010)
SamfordSamford (2010)
SCSelbst, practicing the truth table algorithm data
SCHFSchneider et. al. (2010)
SCHLFSchneider et. al. (2010)
SchneiderSchneider et. al. (2010)
SchneiderLongSchneider et. al. (2010)
SDCSelbst, disappearing necessary condition data
SelbstSelbst, practicing the truth table algorithm data
Selbst.disappearSelbst, disappearing necessary condition data
SetMethods-packageFunctions for Set-Theoretic Multi-Method Research and...
skew.checkFunction for checking how skewed sets are.
theory.dataMembership of cases in the intersections between theory and...
theory.evaluationPerforms theory evaluation.
theory.fitParameters of fit for the intersections between theory and...
theory.intersectionsBoolean expressions of the various intersections between...
VISCVis (2009), crisp set data
VisCSVis (2009), crisp set data
VISFVis (2009), fuzzy set data
VisFSVis (2009), fuzzy set data
xy.plotFunction producing enhanced XY plots
xy.plot.latFunction producing enhanced XY plots with Lattice
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