Man pages for networkgroupR/fastnet
Large-Scale Social Network Analysis

dist.degDegree Distribution
draw.degdistPlot of the degree distribution of a network
draw.degdist.cumPlot of the cumulative degree distribution of a network
draw.degdist.cum.logPlot of the cumulative degree distribution of a network, with...
draw.degdist.logPlot of the degree distribution of a network, with a...
draw.netPlot of a small network
from.adjacencyAdjacency Matrix to 'fastnet'
from.edgelistEdgelist to 'fastnet'
from.igraphTransform Network from 'igraph' to 'fastnet' Format
histo.distHistogram of all degrees of a network
metric.cluster.globalGlobal Clustering Coefficient
metric.cluster.meanMean Local Clustering Coefficient
metric.cluster.medianMedian Local Clustering Coefficient Degree Entropy Degree Maximal Degree Degree Degree Degree Deviation of Degree Distribution
metric.distance.aplAverage Path Length
metric.distance.effdiaEffective Diameter
metric.distance.meaneccMean Eccentricity
metric.distance.medianeccMedian Eccentricity
metric.distance.mplMedian Path Length
metric.eigen.meanMean Eigenvalue Centrality
metric.eigen.medianMedian Eigenvalue Centrality
metric.eigen.valueEigenvalue Score
metric.graph.densityGraph Density
neighborsneighbors of an agent in a network
net.barabasi.albertBarabasi-Albert Scale-free Graph
net.cavemanCaveman Network
net.completeComplete Network
net.erdos.renyi.gnmDirected / Undirected Erdos-Renyi G(n,m) network using a fix...
net.erdos.renyi.gnpDirected / Undirected Erdos-Renyi G(n,p) network
net.holme.kimHolme-Kim Network
net.random.plcRandom Network with a Power-law Degree Distribution that Has...
net.rewired.cavemanRewired (Connected) Caveman Network
net.ring.lattice_k_ - regular ring lattice
net.watts.strogatzWatts-Strogatz Small-world Network
preview.degPreview of the degree distribution of a network
preview.netPreview of a network
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