API for neumannd/eurocordex2swatTools
Tools to read in EURO-CORDEX Data and to write them out into SWAT version 2012 input files

Global functions
calculate_eurocordex_relative_humidity Man page
convert_eurocordex_units Man page
convert_varname_eurocordex2swat Man page
convert_varname_swat2eurocordex Man page
filter_eurocordex_filelist Man page
get_eurocordex_correct_time Man page
get_eurocordex_filelist Man page
get_eurocordex_stations_indices Man page
get_eurocordex_unit Man page
get_swat_unit Man page
read_eurocordex_data Man page
read_eurocordex_files Man page
read_swat_shape_station_data Man page
set_eurocordex_faketime Man page
write_input_swat2012_hmd Man page
write_input_swat2012_other Man page
write_input_swat2012_pcp Man page
write_input_swat2012_slr Man page
write_input_swat2012_tmp Man page
write_input_swat2012_wnd Man page
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