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dcmsort Package:

The goal of dcmsort is to provide wrapper functions to sort DICOM images


You can install dcmsort from GitHub with:

# install.packages("remotes")


Here is an example of sorting and converting a single suject DICOM data for non-contrast brain CT images. The directory variable is set to the DICOM folder for that patient.

sorted = dcmsort(directory = directory, copy_files = FALSE)

outfile = file.path(sorted$directory, "all_hdr.rds")
all_hdr = read_all_hdr(
  directory = sorted$directory,
  outfile = outfile)
sub_hdr = subset_hdr(all_hdr)
ct_hdr = noncon_brain_ct(
  sub_hdr = sub_hdr,
  delete_localizers = TRUE)
converted = convert_hdr_nii(
  sub_hdr = ct_hdr$ct_data, 
  merge_files = TRUE, 
  ignore_derived = TRUE,
  overwrite = FALSE

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