Man pages for neuroconductor-devel-releases/neurobase
'Neuroconductor' Base Package with Helper Functions for 'nifti' Objects

applyEmptyImageDimensions-methodsApply Subsetting from Empty Image Dimensions
boxplot.niftiBoxplot of Values in an Image
breakerFind Breaks for nifti Image Plotting
checkimg-methodsForce object to filename
check_maskCheck Mask is Binary
check_mask_failCheck Mask is Binary, Fail otherwise
check_nifti_header-methodsCheck if nifti image or read in a nifti header
check_nifti-methodsCheck if nifti image or read in a nifti image
checkniigz-methodsForce object to filename with .nii.gz extension
checknii-methodsForce object to filename with .nii extension
check_outfileCheck output filename
cogImage Center of Gravity
colorbarAdd a colorbar to an ortho2 object
copyNIfTIHeaderCopy NIfTI Header to an array
cut.niftiPerform Cut on an image
datatypeChange Data type for img
density.niftiDensity of Values in an Image
dicerCalculate Dice from a Table
double_orthoDouble Orthographic Display
dropEmptyImageDimensionsDrop Empty Image Dimensions
emptyImageDimensionsMaskMake Mask from Empty Image Dimensions
ensure_arrayEnsure an array output
fast_dice_tabFast Dice Tabulation
fast_readniiReading NIfTI images through RNifti
file_imgextGet Image file extension
finite_img-methodsFinite Image
flip_imgFlip NifTI Image
getEmptyImageDimensionsGet Empty Image Dimensions
hist.niftiHistogram of Values in an Image
images2matrixTransform set of images to matrix
img_colour_dfConvert Image to Data.frame with Colors
img_indicesRetrieve Image Indices
img_list_to_tsImage List to Time Series
img_ts_to_dfImage Time Series to Data.frame
img_ts_to_listImage Time Series to list
img_ts_to_matrixImage Time Series to Matrix
maskEmptyImageDimensions-methodsApply Masking from Empty Image Dimensions
mask_imgMask Image
mask_vals-methodsExtract or Replace Values Inside a Mask
mean.niftiMean of Values in an Image
minmax_img-methodsNormalize Image using Range
multi_overlayCreate Multi-Image Plot with Overlays
newniiResets image parameters for a copied nifti object
niftiarrMake new nifti from array
nii.stubGrab nii file stubname
ortho2Orthographic Display, added options
ortho_diffPlot differences for Prediction and Gold Standard
parse_img_extParse Image Extensions
quantile_imgCreate Quantile Image
quantile.niftiSample Quantiles
randomize_maskRandomize Image based on Mask
readNIfTI2readNIfTI with default non-reorientation
remake_imgRemake Image from Vector
remap_filenameBuild Filename (usually for images)
replace_dropped_dimensionsRemake Dropped Dimensions
replace_outside_surfaceReplace Values Outside Surface of image
rescale_imgImage Rescaler
robust_windowWindow image based on quantiles of Image
same_dimsCheck if Objects have Same Dimensions
separate_img-methodsSeparate Labeled Image into Multiple Binary Images
slice_colour_dfSlice a Image Color Data.frame
subset_dti-methodsSubset DTI data based on b-values #'
tempimgCreate temporary nii.gz file
window_imgnifti image windower
write_niftiGeneral NIfTI Writer
writeNIfTI2writeNIfTI with default non-reorientation
xyzImage Center of Gravity Wrapper
zero_padZero pads an image
zlimmerFind Image z-limits
zscore_imgGet Z-score over a margin of an img
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