Man pages for neuroconductor-devel/cifti
Toolbox for Connectivity Informatics Technology Initiative ('CIFTI') Files

cifti_brain_structsExtract Brain Structures from CIFTI Brain Models
cifti_coords_giftiMap CIFTI values to Coordinates using GIFTI
cifti_dataExtract CIFTI data from file
cifti_read_charRead characters with embedded nulls
cifti_xml_txtExtract CIFTI XML
download_cifti_dataDownload CIFTI Test Data
get_cifti_typeGet Generic CIFTI Type
have_cifti_test_dataCheck Presence of CIFTI Test Data
is.ciftiTest if CIFTI
is_cifti_numericTest of numeric CIFTI field
matrix_ind_map_nodesExtract MatrixIndicesMap nodes from CIFTI
nifti_2_hdrRead NIfTI-2 Header
parse_brain_modelParse BrainModel from CIFTI
parse_named_mapParse Named Map from CIFTI
parse_parcelParse Parcel from CIFTI
parse_surfaceParse Surface from CIFTI
parse_volumeParse Volume from CIFTI
read_ciftiRead CIFTI File
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