Man pages for neuroconductor-devel/ichseg
Intracerebral Hemorrhage Segmentation of X-Ray Computed Tomography (CT) Images

biometric_maskEstimate Biometric Masks
CT_Skull_StripCT Skull Stripping within R
CT_Skull_StripperCT Skull Stripping Wrapper
CT_Skull_Strip_robustRobust CT Skull Stripping
ct_templateRead in CT Template
ct_template_fnameGet CT Template Filename
dil_eroFill image holes with dilation then erosion
ear_maskCreate Mask of the Ears
est.cutoffsEstimated Cutoffs for ICH
face_maskCreate Mask of the Face
get_neighborsCalculate Moments of Neighborhood
ich_candidate_voxelsCreate ICH Segmentation Candidate Voxesl
ich_predictPredict ICH Images
ich_preprocessPreprocess data for ICH Segmentation
ich_segmentPredict ICH Segmentation
local_momentCalculate Moments of Neighborhood
logistic_modlistEstimated Logistic Model List for ICH
make_predictorsMake CT Predictors
mean_imageCalculate Mean Image by FFT
rf_modlistEstimated Random Forest Model List for ICH
smoothed_logistic_cutoffsEstimated Logistic Model List of Cutoffs for Smoothed Data...
smoothed_rf_cutoffsEstimated Random Forest List of Cutoffs for Smoothed Data for...
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