Man pages for neuroconductor-devel/lungct
Processing of Lung Computed Tomography ('CT') Scans

calculate_DSCDice Similarity Coefficient Calculation
coarse_bodyCoarse Masking of Image from Z-slicding
ellipsoid_bodyCoarse Masking of Image from Z-slicding
get_templateLung Template Creation
jacobian_lungCalculate Jacobian Determinant Image for the Lungs
partition_lungPartition the lung
radiomics_firstCalculate first order radiomic features on a 2D or 3D array
radiomics_lungRadiomic Calculation on Lung CTs
radiomics_partitionRadiomic Calculation on Partitioned Lung
radiomics_sliceRadiomic Calculation on CT Slices
radiomics_spatialCalculate spatial radiomic features on a 2D or 3D array
reduce_scanReduction of Scan Dimensions from Mask
register_lung_maskLung Registration
RIA_lungCalculate first-order, GLCM, and/or GLRLM radiomic features...
segment_humanSegment Human from CT scans
segment_lungSegment Lungs from CT scans
segment_lung_lrLung Segmentation
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