Man pages for neuroconductor-releases/fmri
Analysis of fMRI Experiments

cutroiI/O function
extractDataExtract data or residuals from a fmridata object
fmri.clusterCluster thresholding.
fmri.designLinear Model for FMRI Data
fmri.designGDesign matrix for fMRI group analysis
fmri.detrendDetrend fMRI time series
fmri.lmLinear Model for fMRI data
fmri.lmeParLinear Mixed-effects Model for fMRI data
fmri.metaParLinear Mixed-effects Meta-Analysis model for fMRI data
fmri.searchlightSearchlight signal detection
fmri.sgroupICASpatial group ICA for fmri
fmri.sICASpacial ICA for fmri data
fmri.smoothSmoothing Statistical Parametric Maps
fmri.stimulusLinear Model for FMRI Data
gen_fmridataGenerate fmridata example
getSearchlightPatternExtract searchlight pattern from a SPM
hvredTranslation between smoothness and bandwidth for Gaussian...
ICAfingerprintIC fingerprinting
niftiImage2fmriCreate fmridata object from niftiImage
oro2fmriConvert Between fmridata and oro.nifti Objects
plot.fmridataI/O functions
plot.fmriICADiagnostics plots for objects of class "'fmriICA"'
plot.fmripvalueVisualize fMRI p-value maps
print.fmridataI/O functions
read.AFNII/O function
read.ANALYZEI/O Functions
read.DICOMI/O function
read.NIFTII/O Functions
setmaskAdd or replace mask in an fmridata object
sincfilterA function for sinc-interpolation
slicetimingslicetiming for fmridata-objects
summary.fmridataI/O functions
write.AFNII/O functions
write.ANALYZEI/O Functions
write.NIFTII/O Functions
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