Man pages for neuroconductor/oro.dicom
Rigorous - DICOM Input / Output

create3DCreate Arrays from DICOM Headers/Images
dec2baseConvert Decimal to Base N Number in String
dicom2analyzeConvert DICOM Header to Analyze
dicom2niftiConvert DICOM Header to NIfTI
dicom.dicLookup Tables for DICOM Header Information
dicomTableConstruct Data Frame from DICOM Headers
extractHeaderExtract Single Field from DICOM Headers
getOrientationConvert Direction Cosines to Anatomical Direction
header2matrixConverts DICOM Header Field to a Matrix
is.axialOrthogonal Planes
matchHeaderMatch String to DICOM Header Field
nextHeaderCheck String Against DICOM Header Field to Produce Error...
parsePixelDataParse DICOM Pixel or Spectroscopy Data
readDICOMRead All DICOM Files in a Directory
readDICOMFileRead Single DICOM File
str2timeConvert DICOM Time/Date Entry
swapDimensionReslice Data Volume Using DICOM Header Fields
writeHeaderWrite DICOM Table to ASCII File
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