Man pages for neuroconductor/pbj
Parametric Bootstrap Joint Testing Procedures for Neuroimaging

addSignalLoads NIfTI Images and Adds Synthetic Signal
bootStatsComputes Statistical Map for Neuroimaging Data
computeStatsComputes Statistical Map for Neuroimaging Data
getDesignGets a Design Matrix for a GAM or Linear Model
getPvaluesGets p-values for Simulation Study
image.CoPEImage a CoPE object
image.pbjImage a pbj object See image.statMap for additional arguments
image.statMapCreate images of a statMap
npbjPerforms nonParametric Bootstrap Joint (nPBJ) Inference
pbjClustPerforms (semi)Parametric Bootstrap Joint ((s)PBJ) Spatial...
pbjExSetBuilds (semi)Parametric Bootstrap Joint ((s)PBJ) Coverage...
resaveUpdates a .Rdata file
seiSpatial extent inference function called by npbj function
simulationSetupPrepares Simulation Data for Bootstrapping
write.pbjWrite a pbj object to disk
write.statMapWrite the statMap objects out
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