Man pages for neuroconductor/wf4ni
Work-Flows for Neuroimage Processing

addAdd a new Node to a Flow (input or function)
dot-add_inputsAdd an Input to a Flow
dot-add_processAdd a Function to a Flow
dot-build_compute_functionBuild a Function to Compute Output from Flow
dot-clone_flowClone a Flow
dot-create_flowCreate a Flow (internal)
dot-execute_flowExecute a Flow
dot-get_dependenciesGet Dependencies of a Function
dot-load_flowLoad a Flow
dot-reset_outputsRemove Previously Computed Outputs
dot-save_flowSave a Flow
dot-search_namesSearch for Variables in Namespaces
dot-subset_flowSubset a Flow
dot-which_to_computePipeline to Execute
download_repoDownload a Repository from GitHub or BitBucket
executeExecute a Flow
get_flowDownload and Import a Flow
get_flows_dirGet Location of Installed Flows
mergeMerge Two Flows
NIflowNIflow Class
NIflow.addAdd an Item to a Flow
NIflow.check_dependenciesCheck Dependencies
NIflow.deep_cloneClone Flow
NIflow.errorsPrint Errors
NIflow.executeExecute a Flow
NIflow.get_dependenciesDependencies of a Flow
NIflow.get_inputsFlow Inputs
NIflow.get_outputsFlow Outputs
NIflow.get_privatePrivate Environment of the Flow
NIflow.get_processProcesses from a Flow
NIflow.get_required_inputsRequired Inputs
NIflow.graphFlow Graph
NIflow.initializeFlow Creation
NIflow.loadLoad a Flow
NIflow.logLog a Message Interally
NIflow.memory_usedMemory Used
NIflow.nameName of a Flow
NIflow.plotPlot a Flow
NIflow.print_logPrint Log
NIflow.replaceReplace Part of a Flow
NIflow.runExecute a Flow
NIflow.saveSave a Flow
NIflow.save_logSave Log
NIflow.set_nameSet Name of Flow
NIflow.subsetFlow Subsetting
NIflow.to_packageBuild Package from Flow
NIflow.warningsPrint Warnings
plotPlot a Flow
print.NIflowPrint Flow Information
set_flows_dirSet Location to Install Flows to
summary.NIflowSummary of Flow
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