Man pages for neuroimaginador/fcaR
Formal Concept Analysis

as_SetConvert Named Vector to Set
as_vectorConvert Set to vector
cobre32Data for Differential Diagnosis for Schizophrenia
cobre61Data for Differential Diagnosis for Schizophrenia
ConceptR6 class for a fuzzy concept with sparse internal...
ConceptLatticeR6 class for a concept lattice
ConceptSetR6 class for a set of concepts
equivalencesRegistryEquivalence Rules Registry
fcaR_optionsSet or get options for fcaR
fcaR-packagefcaR: Tools for Formal Concept Analysis
FormalContextR6 class for a formal context
grapes-and-grapesIntersection (Logical AND) of Fuzzy Sets
grapes-entails-grapesEntailment between implication sets
grapes-equals-grapesEquality in Sets and Concepts
grapes-grapesDifference in Sets
grapes-holds_in-grapesImplications that hold in a Formal Context
grapes-less-than-equals-grapesPartial Order in Sets and Concepts
grapes-or-grapesUnion (Logical OR) of Fuzzy Sets
grapes-respects-grapesCheck if Set or FormalContext respects an ImplicationSet
grapes-twiddle-grapesEquivalence of sets of implications
ImplicationSetR6 Class for Set of implications
parse_implicationParses a string into an implication
parse_implicationsParses several implications given as a string
pipePipe operator
planetsPlanets data
scalingRegistryScaling Registry
SetR6 class for a fuzzy set with sparse internal representation
vegasData for Tourist Destination in Las Vegas
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