Man pages for neuropsychology/psycho.R
Efficient and Publishing-Oriented Workflow for Psychological Science

affectiveData from the Affective Style Questionnaire (ASQ - French...
analyzeAnalyze objects.
analyze.aovAnalyze aov objects.
analyze.faAnalyze fa objects.
analyze.glmerModAnalyze glmerMod objects.
analyze.htestAnalyze htest (correlation, t-test...) objects.
analyze.lavaanAnalyze aov objects.
analyze.lmAnalyze lm objects.
analyze.lmerModLmerTestAnalyze lmerModLmerTest objects.
analyze.stanregAnalyze stanreg objects. to a Data Frame.
assessCompare a patient's score to a control group
bayes_adj_R2Compute LOO-adjusted R2.
bayes_corBayesian Correlation Matrix.
bayes_cor.testPerforms a Bayesian correlation.
correlationMultiple Correlations.
crawford_dissociation.testCrawford-Howell (1998) modified t-test for testing difference...
crawford.testCrawford-Garthwaite (2007) Bayesian test for single-case...
crawford.test.freqCrawford-Howell (1998) frequentist t-test for single-case...
create_intervalsOverlap of Two Empirical Distributions.
dprimeDprime and Other Signal Detection Theory indices.
emotionEmotional Ratings of Pictures
find_best_modelReturns the best model.
find_best_model.merModLmerTestReturns the best combination of predictors for lmerTest...
find_best_model.stanregReturns the best combination of predictors based on LOO...
find_combinationsGenerate all combinations.
find_combinations.formulaGenerate all combinations of predictors of a formula.
find_matching_stringFuzzy string matching.
find_seasonFind season of dates.
format_bfBayes factor formatting
format_digitFormat digits.
format_loadingsFormat the loadings of a factor analysis.
format_pFormat p values.
format_stringTidyverse-friendly sprintf.
get_cfa_modelGet CFA model.
get_contrastsGet Marginal Means and Contrasts.
get_contrasts.glmerModCompute estimated marginal means and contrasts from glmerMod...
get_contrasts.lmerModLmerTestCompute estimated marginal means and contrasts from...
get_contrasts.stanregCompute estimated marginal means and contrasts from stanreg...
get_loadings_maxGet loadings max.
get_predictedCompute predicted values from models.
get_predicted.stanregCompute predicted values of stanreg models.
get_std_posteriorsCompute standardized posteriors.
hdiHighest Density Intervals (HDI).
interpret_bfBayes Factor Interpretation
interpret_dStandardized difference (Cohen's d) interpreation.
interpret_d_posteriorStandardized difference (Cohen's d) interpreation for a...
interpret_rCorrelation coefficient r interpreation.
interpret_R2R2 interpreation.
interpret_R2_posteriorR2 interpreation for a posterior distribution.
interpret_RMSEARMSEA interpreation.
interpret_r_posteriorCorrelation coefficient r interpreation for a posterior...
is.mixedCheck if model includes random effects.
is.mixed.stanregCheck if model includes random effects.
is.psychobjectCreates or tests for objects of mode "psychobject".
is.standardizedCheck if a dataframe is standardized.
mellenbergh.testMellenbergh & van den Brink (1998) test for pre-post...
model_to_priorsModel to Prior.
mpeCompute Maximum Probability of Effect (MPE).
n_factorsFind Optimal Factor Number.
odds_to_probsConvert (log)odds to probabilies.
overlapOverlap of Two Empirical Distributions.
percentileTransform z score to percentile.
percentile_to_zTransform a percentile to a z score.
plot_loadingsPlot loadings.
plot.psychobjectPlot the results.
power_analysisPower analysis for fitted models.
print.psychobjectPrint the results.
probs_to_oddsConvert probabilities to (log)odds.
refdataCreate a reference grid.
remove_empty_colsRemove empty columns..
reorder_matrixReorder square matrix.
rnorm_perfectPerfect Normal Distribution.
ropeRegion of Practical Equivalence (ROPE)
standardizeStandardize (scale and reduce) numeric variables.
summary.psychobjectPrint the results.
valuesExtract values as list.
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