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Efficient and Publishing-Oriented Workflow for Psychological Science

affectiveData from the Affective Style Questionnaire (ASQ - French...
analyzeAnalyze objects.
analyze.aovAnalyze aov and anova objects.
analyze.faAnalyze fa objects.
analyze.glmAnalyze glm objects.
analyze.glmerModAnalyze glmerMod objects.
analyze.htestAnalyze htest (correlation, t-test...) objects.
analyze.lavaanAnalyze aov objects.
analyze.lmAnalyze lm objects.
analyze.lmerModLmerTestAnalyze lmerModLmerTest objects.
analyze.stanregAnalyze stanreg objects. to a Data Frame.
assessCompare a patient's score to a control group
bayes_corBayesian Correlation Matrix.
bayes_cor.testPerforms a Bayesian correlation.
correlationMultiple Correlations.
crawford_dissociation.testCrawford-Howell (1998) modified t-test for testing difference...
crawford.testCrawford-Garthwaite (2007) Bayesian test for single-case...
crawford.test.freqCrawford-Howell (1998) frequentist t-test for single-case...
create_intervalsOverlap of Two Empirical Distributions.
dprimeDprime and Other Signal Detection Theory indices.
emotionEmotional Ratings of Pictures
find_best_modelReturns the best model.
find_best_model.lmerModLmerTestReturns the best combination of predictors for lmerTest...
find_best_model.stanregReturns the best combination of predictors based on LOO...
find_combinationsGenerate all combinations.
find_combinations.formulaGenerate all combinations of predictors of a formula.
find_matching_stringFuzzy string matching.
find_random_effectsFind random effects in formula.
find_seasonFind season of dates.
format_bfBayes factor formatting
format_digitFormat digits.
format_formulaClean and format formula.
format_loadingsFormat the loadings of a factor analysis.
format_pFormat p values.
format_stringTidyverse-friendly sprintf.
get_cfa_modelGet CFA model.
get_contrastsGet Marginal Means and Contrasts.
get_contrasts.glmerModCompute estimated marginal means and contrasts from glmerMod...
get_contrasts.lmerModLmerTestCompute estimated marginal means and contrasts from...
get_contrasts.stanregCompute estimated marginal means and contrasts from stanreg...
get_dataExtract the dataframe used in a model.
get_formulaGet formula of models.
get_infoGet information about objects.
get_info.lmGet information about models.
get_info.lmerModLmerTestGet information about models.
get_loadings_maxGet loadings max.
get_predictedCompute predicted values from models.
get_predicted.glmCompute predicted values of lm models.
get_predicted.lmCompute predicted values of lm models.
get_predicted.merModCompute predicted values of lm models.
get_predicted.stanregCompute predicted values of stanreg models.
get_R2Get Indices of Explanatory Power.
get_R2.glmPseudo-R-squared for Logistic Models.
get_R2.lmR2 and adjusted R2 for Linear Models.
get_R2.merModR2 and adjusted R2 for GLMMs.
get_R2.stanregR2 or Bayesian Models.
hdiHighest Density Intervals (HDI).
HDImaxHighest Density Intervals (HDI)
HDIminHighest Density Intervals (HDI)
interpret_bfBayes Factor Interpretation
interpret_dStandardized difference (Cohen's d) interpreation.
interpret_d_posteriorStandardized difference (Cohen's d) interpreation for a...
interpret_oddsOmega Squared Interpretation
interpret_odds_posteriorOdds ratio interpreation for a posterior distribution.
interpret_omega_sqOmega Squared Interpretation
interpret_rCorrelation coefficient r interpreation.
interpret_R2R2 interpreation.
interpret_R2_posteriorR2 interpreation for a posterior distribution.
interpret_RMSEARMSEA interpreation.
interpret_r_posteriorCorrelation coefficient r interpreation for a posterior...
is.mixedCheck if model includes random effects.
is.mixed.stanregCheck if model includes random effects.
is.psychobjectCreates or tests for objects of mode "psychobject".
is.standardizedCheck if a dataframe is standardized.
mellenbergh.testMellenbergh & van den Brink (1998) test for pre-post...
model_to_priorsModel to Prior.
mpeCompute Maximum Probability of Effect (MPE).
n_factorsFind Optimal Factor Number.
odds_to_d(Log) odds ratio to Cohen's d
odds_to_probsConvert (log)odds to probabilies.
omega_sqPartial Omega Squared.
overlapOverlap of Two Empirical Distributions.
percentileTransform z score to percentile.
percentile_to_zTransform a percentile to a z score.
plot_loadingsPlot loadings.
plot.psychobjectPlot the results.
power_analysisPower analysis for fitted models.
print.psychobjectPrint the results.
probs_to_oddsConvert probabilities to (log)odds.
R2_LOO_AdjustedCompute LOO-adjusted R2.
R2_nakagawaPseudo-R-squared for Generalized Mixed-Effect models.
R2_tjurTjur's (2009) coefficient of determination.
refdataCreate a reference grid.
remove_empty_colsRemove empty columns..
reorder_matrixReorder square matrix.
rnorm_perfectPerfect Normal Distribution.
ropeRegion of Practical Equivalence (ROPE)
simulate_data_regressionSimulates data for single or multiple regression.
standardizeStandardize. (scale and reduce) Dataframe.
standardize.glmStandardize Coefficients.
standardize.lmStandardize Coefficients.
standardize.numericStandardize (scale and reduce) numeric variables.
standardize.stanregStandardize Posteriors.
summary.psychobjectPrint the results.
valuesExtract values as list.
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