Man pages for neuropsychology/psycho.R
Efficient and Publishing-Oriented Workflow for Psychological Science

analyzeAnalyze objects.
analyze.glmerModAnalyze glmerMod objects.
analyze.merModAnalyze merMod objects.
analyze.merModLmerTestAnalyze merModLmerTest objects.
analyze.stanregAnalyze stanreg objects.
assessCompare a score to a parent population.
correlationMultiple Correlations.
find_seasonFind season of dates.
format_digitFormat digits.
format_pFormat p values.
format_stringTidyverse-friendly sprintf.
hdiHighest Density Intervals (HDI).
interpret_dReturn the interpretation of a Cohen's d or a standardized...
is.psychobjectCreates or tests for objects of mode "psychobject".
n_factorsFind Optimal Factor Number.
plot.psychobjectPlot the results.
print.psychobjectPrint the results.
standardizeStandardize (scale and reduce) numeric variables.
summary.psychobjectPrint the results.
valuesExtract values as list.
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