Man pages for nevrome/c14databases
Download and Prepare C14 Dates from Different Source Databases

as.sfConvert a *c14_date_list* to a sf object
c14bazAAR-packagec14bazAAR: Download and Prepare C14 Dates from Different...
calibrateCalibrate all valid dates in a *c14_date_list*
classify_materialApply material classification on a *c14_date_list*
coordinate_precisionReturn coordinate precision according to number of digits in...
country_attributionFunctions to improve the country attribution in a...
db_getterDownload radiocarbon source databases and convert them to a...
duplicatesMark and remove duplicates in a *c14_date_list*
enforce_typesEnforce variable types in a *c14_date_list*
example_c14_date_listExample c14_date_list
fuseFuse multiple *c14_date_list*s
get_db_urlget db url
order_variablesOrder the variables in a *c14_date_list*
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