Man pages for neyhartj/gws

boot_corBootstrap a correlation
convert_hapmapConvert a hapmap to a genotype matrix
cross_valRun cross-validation of a training set
filter_genosFilter a hapmap or genotype matrix
fixef_model_matrixCreate a fixed effect incidence matrix
frac.xvalFractional Cross Validation
geno_summarySummarize a marker matrix
G_matCalculate a genomic relationship matrix from marker...
G_PCAPlot the principal components of a genomic relationship...
hapmap_encodingChange the encoding of a hapmap file
kfold.xvalK-fold Cross Validation
measure.hetMeasure the heterozygosity of a SNP or entry
measure.mafMeasure the minor allele frequency of a SNP
measure.missingMeasure the missingness of a SNP or entry
pop_predict_quickQuicker procedures for PopVar
ranef_model_matrixCreate a random effect incidence matrix
resid_model_matrixCreate a residual effect covariance matrix
s2tp_bopa_unfiltSample unfiltered hapmap
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