Man pages for neyhartj/miscRutils
My collection of useful R functions.

as_replaced_factorReplace character elements and convert to factor.
assign_coresAssign cores to a data.frame
bootstrapGeneralized bootstrapper
cfindFind objects by name and class
confidIntMean, standard errors, and confidence intervals of samples
coreApplyApply a function (optionally in parallel) to a list
crossv_loo_groupedGenerate cross-validation resamples using a grouped...
fct_contr_sumSetting factor contrasts
format_numbersFormat numbers for printing
new_projectCreate a new project
neyhart_paletteCustom color palettes
neyhart_palettesCustom color palettes
object_sizeReturn the size of objects in the environment
pres_themesPlotting theme for presentations or posters
print.palettePrint a palette object
rapid_cvRapid cross-validation without removing samples
rpospoisSample from a positive Poisson distribution
save_appendAppend data to a RData file
str_add_spaceString functions
theme_manhattanPlotting theme for GWAS results
themesPlotting theme for publications
umn_paletteUniversity of Minnesota Color Generator
umn_palettesUniversity of Minnesota Color Palette
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