Man pages for nhejazi/nima
Nima Hejazi's R Toolbox

absmaxMaximum of Absolute Values of Vector
attrnamesGet Names of Attributes
clearClear the Current Screen/Buffer
commasAdd Commas to a Large Number
compFunCompare Two Similar Objects including Missing Data Patterns.
discrete_by_quantileDiscretize a vector
exitExit R Without Saving
factornumConvert a Factor to Numeric
hwebView HTML Version of Help Files
lmPlots_ggLinear Model Diagnostic Plots with ggplot2
miss_indAdd missingness indicators to existing data object
mseMean Squared Error (MSE)
openfileOpen a File
qqPlot_ggQuantile-Quantile Plots with ggplot2
qrDThe QR decomposition of a matrix
scale_color_nimaNima's ggplot2 theme - supplement: scale_color
scale_fill_nimaNima's ggplot2 theme - supplement: scale_fill
theme_jetblackA jet black ggplot2 theme with inverted colors
theme_nimaNima's ggplot2 theme
uniqlenFind Number of Unique Values
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