Man pages for nicholascarey/loomeR
Looming Animations for Use in Behavioural and Neurological Experiments

calc_alphaCalculate alpha in radians
calc_dadtCalculate da/dt in radians
calc_screen_diamCalculates screen diameter
constant_speed_modelConstant Speed Model
diameter_modelDiameter Model
get_altDetermine the Apparent Looming Threshold (ALT) for a given...
image_progressDisplay image generation progress bar
leftGet left n characters
loomeR-packageloomeR: Looming Animations for Use in Behavioural and...
looming_animationCreate a looming animation
looming_animation_calibCreate a short animation for calibrating the looming...
osCheck operating system
print.get_altPrint get_alt result
rad2degConvert radians to degrees
rightGet right n characters
variable_speed_modelVariable Speed Model
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