Man pages for nicholasjclark/MRFcov
Markov Random Fields with additional covariates

Bird.parasitesBlood parasite occurrences in New Caledonian birds.
bootstrap_MRFBootstrap observations to estimate MRF parameter coefficients
comp_rosalia_MRFCompare MRFcov and rosalia interaction coefficients
countzeroCount proportions of non-zero coefficients
cv_MRF_diagMRF cross validation and assessment of predictive performance
Dipping.surveyDipping surveys for mosquitos and aquatic species.
MRFcovMarkov Random Fields with covariates
plotMRF_hmPlot MRF interaction parameters as a heatmap
plotMRF_hm_contPlot heatmaps of varying interaction coefficients for a...
plotMRF_hm_factorPlot heatmaps of varying interaction coefficients across...
plotMRF_net_contPlot networks of varying interaction coefficients for a...
predict_MRFPredict training observations from fitted MRFcov models
predict_MRFnetworksExtract predicted network metrics for observations in a given...
prep_MRF_covariatesCross-multiply response and covariate variables
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