Man pages for nick-ulle/RLoopFusion
Loop Fusion for R

add_fp_edgeAdd Fusion-Preventing Edge
add_fusion_edgesAdd Edges To The Fusion Graph
as_code_blockConvert To Code Block
blockifyGroup a list of code objects into blocks, while keeping the...
collect_depsCollect Dependence Information
combine_for_loopsCombine a List of for-loops
combine_fusion_graph_nodesCombine Nodes in a Fusion Graph
DependenceCollector-classCollector for dependences.
edge_attrExtract and Simplify an Edge Attribute
fuse_component_graphCompute and Fuse a Component Graph
fusion_graphGenerate a Fusion Graph
greedy_partitionGreedy Partitioning Algorithm
header_equalCheck whether two for-loops have equal headers.
in_whichWhich Elements Contain The Value?
loop_fusionLoop Fusion
necessary_edgesNecessary Edges Algorithm
new_fusion_graphCreate a New Fusion Graph
node_attrExtract and Simplify a Node Attribute
subgraphGet a Subgraph
unionCompute Union
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