Man pages for nick-ulle/ast
Low-level Static Analysis Tools for R Code

collapse_namespacesCollapse Namespaces
collapse_node_namespacesCollapse A Namespace Node
collect_crossblock_usesCollect Cross-block Uses in a CFG
collect_readsCollect All Reads in an AST
CounterCounter for Strings
dominator_frontierCompute Dominance Frontiers
dominator_treeCompute Dominator Tree
is_control_flowTest If Node Is Control Flow
node_applyApply Function to AST
plot.FlowGraphPlot Method for Flow Graphs
postorderPostordering of a Graph
preorder_dom_treePreorder Traversal of a Tree
propagate_constantsSparse Conditional Constant Propagation
quote_astConvert Unquoted R Code to ASTNodes
quote_cfgBuild Control Flow Graph from R Expression
split_blocksSplit Blocks at Control Flow
ssa_renameRename CFG Variables with SSA Names
ssa_rename_astRename AST Variables with SSA Names
to_astConvert Quoted R Code to ASTNodes
to_ast_callableConvert a Callable Object to an ASTNode
to_ast_repeatConvert a repeat to an ASTNode
to_cfgBuild Control Flow Graph from ASTNodes
to_rConvert ASTNode to R Code
to_ssaConvert CFGraph to Static Single-Assignment Form
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