Man pages for nick-ulle/rstatic
Low-level Static Analysis Tools for R Code

as_languageConvert to R Language Objects
backward_analysisCompute Fixed Point Solution for Backward Analysis
blocks_to_rGenerate R Code from Basic Blocks
bodyExtract or Replace the Body of a Function Definition
childExtract or Replace Descendant of an RStatic Object
child_fieldsFields Containing Children for an RStatic Object
childrenExtract or Replace All Children of an RStatic Object
collapse_namespaceCollapse Namespace
copyCopy an RStatic Object
CounterCounter for Strings
def_use_setsCompute Symbol Definition and Use Sets
dfa_standard_updateStandard Update for Data Flow Analyses
dominance_frontiersDominance Frontiers of a Graph
dominator_treeDominator Tree of a Graph
equalTest Equality of RStatic Objects
find_nodesFind Nodes in an RStatic Object
formalsExtract or Replace the Parameters of a Function Definition
get_indexGet Index of RStatic Object
insert_returnInsert Optional Return Expressions
is_r6_methodCheck Whether Named Member of R6 Object is Method
list_formalsList Formal Arguments
live_variablesLive Variables Analysis
nchildrenThe Number of Children of an RStatic Object
postorderPostorder of a Graph
predecessorsVertex Predecessors
propagate_constantsSparse Conditional Constant Propagation
quote_astConvert Unquoted R Code to ASTNodes
quote_blocksConvert an R Expression to Basic Blocks
replace_nodesReplace Nodes in an RStatic Object
set_parentSet Parent of an RStatic Object
ssa_insert_phisInsert SSA Phi-Functions
ssa_set_numbersSet SSA Numbers on Symbols
successorsVertex Successors
to_astConvert Quoted R Code to ASTNodes
to_ast_callableConvert a Callable Object to an ASTNode
to_blocksConvert an ASTNode Object to Basic Blocks
to_ssaConvert Blocks to Static Single-Assignment Form
toString.ASTNodeConvert an ASTNode to a Character String
wrap_braceWrap ASTNode With Brace
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