Man pages for nick-ulle/typesys
General-purpose Abstract Type System

add_contextAdd Context to Type
ArrayTypeArray Type
AtomicType-classAtomic Type
composeCompose Substitutions
CompositeType-classComposite Type
do_substitutionApply a Substitution
element_typeExtract Contained Type
element_type_allExtract All Contained Types
element_type-setAssign Contained Types
formatFormat a Type for Printing
formula_to_typeConvert a Formula to a Type Expression
FunctionTypeFunction Type
has_contextCheck If Type Has Context
ListTypeList Type
quantifyQuantify a Type Variable
same_typeTest Types for Equality
simplifySimplify a Join
SymbolValueSymbol Value
TypeEnvironmentType Environment
TypeVariableType Variable
unifyRobinson's Unification Algorithm
UnknownValueUnknown Value
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