Man pages for nickbond/hydrostats
Hydrologic Indices for Daily Time Series Data

AcheronAcheron River flow data
ann.cvCalculate interannual coefficient of variation
baseflowsMeasures of central tendency and baseflow via the...
ColwellsColwells indices
CooperCooper Creek flow data
CTFCease-to-flow (CTF) spell statistics
daily.cvCalculate daily cofficient of variation
day.distCalculate average timing of events (doy)
flood.length.maxCalculates the maximum flood length in a time series.
four.digit.yearCorrect conversion of years to four digit format
get.daysFunction to determine the number of days 365 or 366 in a...
high.spell.lengthsCalculate the length of all high flow spells
high.spellsCalculates high flow spell statistics
hydrostats-packagecalculate hydrologic statistics
hydro.yearDetermine hydrologic year for the purposes of deriving spell...
low.spell.lengthsCalculate the length of all low flow spells
low.spellsCalculate low flow spell statistics
monthly.cvCalculate monthly coefficient of variation
partial.seriesPartial and annual exceedence series.
seasonalityCalculate seasonality of discharge
ts.formatFormat dates as POSIXct
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