Man pages for nicksi/rxes
XES event log support

createdfSupporting function - transform map of traces into dataframe
rxes-packageXES event log support
xes.getEventListRetreive event list form traces matching filter
xes.getEventShareCalculate average share of each event class duration of total...
xes.getFullSubTraceListReturn list of all trace segments limited by event names with...
xes.getFullTraceListReturn list of all traces with attributes
xes.getTraceDurationsReturn data.frame with the trace name (concept:name) and...
xes.getWorkloadCalculate hourly workload - number of seconds spend each our...
xes.initInitialize XES Log processing class
xes.parseLogLoads and parses XES log in GZIP xml format
xes.processfilterCreate filter for xestool calls based on provided parameters
xes.traceCountReturn count of traces in the event log
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