Man pages for njm18/gmatrix
GPU Computing in R

as.gmatrix-methodsMethods for coercing an object to a GPU class
as.numeric-methodsMethods to coerce a GPU object to an R object
betaThe Beta Distribution
BinaryOperators-methodsBinary Operators
binomialThe Binomial Distribution
checkDeviceCheck that the specified integer is the current device.
cholMethod to calculate the Choleski decomposition square...
colMeans-methodsMethods to Form Row and Column Sums and Means
colnames-methodsMethods to get and set the 'rownames' and 'colnames' of a...
convertTypeConvert the type of a GPU object
crossprod-methodsMatrix Crossproduct
device-methodsGet and set methods for the device slot of a gvector or...
diag-methodsMatrix Diagonals
dim-methodsDimensions of an Object
dimnames-methodsDimnames of an Object
gTransfer and R object to and from the GPU.
gammaThe Gamma Distribution
gBasicHMCPerforming Hamiltonian MCMC
gdupDuplicate a GPU object
ggcGPU Garbage Collection
gidentCreate an identity matrix on the GPU.
gkroneckerProdKronecker Product
gmatrixCreate and object of class 'gmatrix'
gmatrix-classClass "gmatrix"
gmatrix-internalInternal skeleton objects
gmatrix-packageMaking GPU power available in R
gmatTimesDiagVecMultiply a matrix times the 'diag' of a vector quickly.
gmmMultiply two matrices with the output matrix allready...
gnamestripStrip a GPU object of it names, or row/colnames.
gorderOrdering Permutation
gouterGPU generalized outer product.
gqr-classClass '"gqr"'
g.repReplicate Elements of a vector or gvector,
gRowLogSumsSum the up the rows in log space.
gset.seedSet the seed values, and number of states for the GPU.
gsvd-classClass '"gsvd"'
gvectorCreate a 'gvector' object
gvector-classClass "gvector"
ifelse-methodsConditional Element Selection
indexing-methodsIndexing Methods
length-methodsLength of an Object
lpgr-classClass '"lpgr"'
MathMethodsElementwise functions/operators
max-methodsMaxima and Minima
mean-methodsmean and sum methods
mm-methodsMatrix Multiplication
names-methodsGet and set names
ncol-methodsMumber of rows/columns
normalGPU Normal Distribution
poissonThe Poisson Distribution
rsampleSample and integer for each row of a gmatrix object.
setDeviceGet and set the current device.
setTuningPametersSet tuning parameters
show-methodsMethods for displaying GPU objects
typeGet or set the type of a GPU object
uniformThe Uniform Distribution
which-methodsWhich indices are TRUE?
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