Man pages for njtierney/brolgar
BRowse Over Longitudinal data Graphically and Analytically in R

add_n_obsAdd the number of observations for each key in a 'tsibble'
b_summariesBrolgar summaries (b_summaries)
facet_sampleFacet data into groups to facilitate exploration
facet_strataFacet data into groups to facilitate exploration
feat_brolgarFeature: Three number summary
feat_five_numFeature: Five number summary
feat_monotonicFeature: Monotonics
feat_rangesFeature: Ranges
feat_spreadFeature: Spread
heightsWorld Height Data
key_slopeFit linear model for each key
keys_nearReturn keys nearest to a given statistics or summary.
l_funsA named list of the five number summary
monotonicAre values monotonic? Always increasing, decreasing, or...
near_betweenReturn x percent to y percent of values
nearestsIs x nearest to y?
near_middleReturn the middle x percent of values
near_quantileWhich values are nearest to any given quantiles
n_obsReturn the number of observations
pipePipe operator
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
sample-n-frac-keysSample a number or fraction of keys to explore
stratify_keysStratify the keys into groups to facilitate exploration
wagesWages data from National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY)
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