Man pages for njtierney/maxcovr
A Set of Tools For Solving The Maximal Covering Location Problem

augment_facility_relocatedFind distance from relocated and proposed new sites
augment_userAugment users data; add useful information
augment_user_testedNearest wrapper
binary_distance_matrix(Internal) Create a binary distance matrix
binary_matrix_cppCreate a binary matrix TRUE if distance satisfies a condition
coverageCreate a summary of the coverage between two dataframes
deg2radConvert from degrees to radians
deg2rad_cppConvert degrees to radians
distance_matrix_cppCreate a matrix of distances between two areas
extract_existing_coverageExtract the existing coverage
extract_facility_selectedExtract Selected Facilities
extract_mc_results(Internal) Summarise maxcovr model using facility and user...
extract_mc_results_relocation(Internal) Summarise maxcovr relocation model with facility...
extract_model_coverageExtract a one-row summary of the model coverage
extract_users_affectedExtract users affected
find_users_not_covered(Internal) Create a dataframe of the users not covered
is.maxcovrTest if the object is a maxcovr object
is.maxcovr_relocationTest if the object is a maxcovr_relocation object
max_coverageSolve the Maximal Covering Location Problem
max_coverage_relocationMaximum Coverage when considering relocation
nearestFind the nearest lat/long to another lat/long
nearest_facility_distnearest facility + distance to a user
nearest_facility_distances(Internal) Calculate the nearest facility distances
n_installedExtract the number of facilities installed
n_relocatedExtract the number of facilities relocated.
spherical_distanceCalculate the distance between two locations
spherical_distance_cppCalculate distance using haversines formula
spherical_distance_cpp_vecCalculate (vectorized) distance using haversines formula
summarise_relocated_distFind the average distance from facilities relocated to their...
summarise_user_covSummarise the coverage for users
summary_mc_cvSummary for max_coverage cross validation
summary_mc_cv_relocateSummary for max_coverage cross validation for relocation...
yorkYork Listed Buildings.
york_crimeYork Crime Locations.
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