Man pages for nmecsys/BETSlite
Brazilian Economic Time Series Lite (lite version)

BETSgetGet a complete time series from a BETS database
BETSliteBETS: A package for obtaining and analysing thousands of...
BETSsearchSearch for a Brazilian Economic Time Series
BETSsourcesDisplay a list of sources available at BETS package
check.seriesCheck series
connectionConnection with the server a BETS series as a data.frame.
get.seriesGet a complete time series from a BETS database
get.series.bacenA function to extract BACEN series using their API
msgFormat and show a console message.
savePrepare a time series to be exported
saveSasExport a time series to SAS
saveSpssExport a time series to SPSS
saveStataExport a time series to STATA
sidra.auxSearch for Sidra Series
sidraGetA function to extract Sidra series using their API
sidraSearchSearch for Sidra Series
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