Man pages for nnormandin/localexpeRt
Binary Local Expert Regression

BinColsBinary columns function
CalcHDICalculate HDI
CheckLengthsCheck list lengths
CheckModelListCheck model list object
ExtractAccuracyExtract model accuracy
ExtractAccuracySDExtract model accuracy standard deviation
ExtractBestPredsExtract best model predictions
ExtractDownProbsExtract probabilities from class estimation predictions
ExtractKappaExtract model kappa
ExtractKappaSDExtract model kappa standard deviation
ExtractModelInfoExtract Model Information
ExtractPerformanceExtract model performance
FitInstanceFit a curve to a row of local expert predictions
FitMatrixFit a curve to a matrix of local expert predictions
PlotLEsPlot Local Expert summary function
PredictLEsPredict response of new instance using local expert ensemble...
PredictNewPredict response of new instance using local expert ensemble...
TrainLEsTrain Local Experts
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