Man pages for nobodyinperson/meteoRology
Basic meteorology functions

brightness.temperature.totalBrightness temperature
cVacuum light speed
cel2kelConvert temperature in Celsius to Kelvin scale
celsius0Zero degrees Celsius scale in Kelvin
deg2radConvert degrees to radiant
e.magnusMagnus formula for saturation water vapor pressure
hPlanck constant
kBoltzmann constant
kel2celConvert temperature in Kelvin to Celsius scale
planckPlanck's law
planck.functionCreate a Planck's law function
position.max.radiationLocate position of maximal radiation
RGas constant
rad2degConvert radiant to degrees
RdryairSpecific gas constant of dry air
rmseRoot mean square error
RvapourSpecific gas constant of water vapour
sigmaStefan-Boltzmann constant
total.radiationTotal body radiation at temperature T after Stefan-Boltzmann.
TtripwatTriple point of water
wind.directionMeteorological wind direction
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