Man pages for norbertbin/SpecClustPack
Spectral Clustering for Network Analysis

cascCovariate Assisted Spectral Clustering
ccaA modified CCA approach for spectral clustering.
estSBMEstimates the Stochastic Blockmodel based on the adjacency...
misClustRateCalculates the empirical proportion of misclustered nodes.
partSpecClustPerforms an approximate spectral clustering on an adjacency...
plotAdjPlots the adjacency matrix.
plotSBMPlots the Stochastic Blockmodel.
simBernCovarSimulates a block mixture of Bernoulli covariates.
simBernSparseVecSimulates a Bernoulli random vector.
simSBMSimulates a matrix from the Stochastic Blockmodel.
specClustPerforms spectral clustering on an adjacency matrix.
specClustCovSpectral clustering of a covariate matrix (low rank).
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