Man pages for nsgrantham/scriptr
Compose Command Line Programs with Ease

as_atomic_typeConvert x to type
atomicR Atomic Data type
build_help_pageHelp page
build_option_textBuild option text
get_argumentsGet all argument params
get_defaultsGet default values of params
get_nargsGet all nargs value from arguments
get_optionsGet all option params
is_integerCheck if numeric value is an integer
is_long_optCheck if string is valid long option name
is_short_optCheck if string is valid short option name
is_valid_choice_valueCheck validity of choice value
is_valid_interval_valueCheck validity of interval value
is_valid_nameCheck if string is valid variable name
match_positionals_with_argumentsMatch the positional args given with those defined in...
merge_listsHelper function to merge lists (left to right)
parse_argsParse command-line arguments using standard libc functions
parse_parameter_typeParse parameter type
prepare_getopt_paramTranslate a single parameter element to the format required...
process_getopt_valuesConvert strings returned by getopt into appropriate R types
remove_opt_prefixSimple function to remove option prefix
scriptrscriptr - parse command line arguments from the shell
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