Man pages for nteetor/prairie
Get Web Applications Growing In R

applicationCreate an Application
as.list.responseCoerce Response to List
as.requestCoerce Rook Environments to Requests
as.responseCoerce Objects to Responses
as.routeCoercing Objects to Routes
bodyHTTP Message Body
jsonConvert Objects to JSON
methodRequest Method
mockupMockup a Route
prairieprairie: Get Web Applications Growing In R
print.applicationPrint an Application
print.requestPrinting Requests
print.responsePrinting Responses
print.routePrinting Routes and Mockups
queryRequest Query
reason_phraseStatus Code Reason Phrase
requestCreate an HTTP Request
request-headersRequest Header Fields
responseCreate an HTTP Response
response-headersHTTP Response Header Fields
runStart Up a Prairie Application
simpleHtmlTableGenerate a minimal HTML table from a data frame This internal...
statusHTTP Response Status Code
uriRequest URI
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