Man pages for numeract/Nmisc
Miscellaneous Functions Used at 'Numeract LLC'

catnConcatenate with new line
clear_warningsAvoid repeated warnings
format_utcFormat Date and POSIXct
generate_install_fileGenerates an R file to install packages used by the project.
get_osReturns the name of the Operating System
get_packagesGet information about the package used in the project
is.POSIXctIs it a POSIXct object?
keep_atKeep or discard elements
keep_if_inKeep elements present in x and not contained in y
keep_if_not_inDiscard elements present in x and not contained in y
now_utcCurrent time in UTC time zone
pull_with_namesPull out a single column
seq_nrowCreates a sequence based on the number of rows or columns
setequal_naCheck if two vectors have the same elements
str1High level overview of the structure of an R object
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