Man pages for numeract/rflow
Flexible R Pipelines with Caching

cache_fileGet the file only cache engine.
cache_memoryGet the memory only cache engine.
cache_memory_fileGet the memory-file cache engine.
collect.R6FlowGet the data from an 'R6Flow' or an 'Element' object
compute.R6FlowTrigger computation for an 'R6Flow' or an 'Element' object
default_cacheGet the default cache engine.
default_eddy_envGet the default binding environment that keeps the eddies
delete_eddyDelete eddy and ALL its data from ALL cache layers (memory...
elementExtract an element from an 'R6Flow' object
flow_callImplicit cache of a function and of the given call
flow_dfgGroup-wise caching of operations on data frame
flow_dfrRow-wise caching of operations on data frame
flow_file_sourceCreates a flow object that watches one or more files
flow_fnImplicit cache of a function and of the given call
flow_ns_sinkWrite a value to a namespace only if the value has changed.
flow_optionsflow options used to initialize or update an eddy
forgetForgets the computation for the current state
get_current_eddyGet the current eddy for a given (or default) environment
get_eddyRetrieves an eddy
importsImports from other packages
is_currentChecks if the flow has a"current" state
is_flowChecks if the object is flow object or a flow element
is_flow_fnChecks if the function is flow function (as returned by...
is_not_flow_fnCheck if the function is NOT a flow function (as returned by...
is_validChecks if the current state is valid (stored in the cache)
make_flow_fnExplicit cache of a function
new_eddyCreate a new eddy. Does not affect the current eddy
set_current_eddySet the current eddy to be used in future flow calls
to_nsAssigns a value to a variable in a name space
use_eddyConvenience function that creates a new eddy or re-uses it if...
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