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BlandAltmanProduce a Bland-Altman style plot for agreement between...
copyTemplateCopy Analysis File Template to a Directory
findVariableFind data frames containing a selected variable names
interval_2pSample Size for the confidence interval of the differnce of...
interval_auc_1curveSingle Predictor, Single Curve ROC Confidence Interval Sample...
interval_auc_2curveSingle Predictor, Difference Between Two ROC Curve Confidence...
n_t1samp_intervalSample Size for One Sample T Confidence Intervals
odds_noninferiorSample Size for a non-inferiority test of an Odds Ratio.
passwordRandom Password Generator
Power.t.testModified T-test Power Calculations
searchFunctionsSearch Functions for Character Strings
survTableUnivariable Survival Summary of Categorical Variables
survTableComplexUnivariable Summary of Survival Analyses
test_auc_1curvePower Analsis for Full Area Under the ROC Curve
test_logrank_hr_1binaryPower Analysis for Log Rank Tests with a Single Binary...
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